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Welcome to my website. I have been collecting F1 diecast models for a while now. I collect mostly Minichamps 1/43 models, and some Mattel Hot Wheels ones. I collect Damon Hill's cars, the world champion from each year (from 1996) and a selection of others from each year. Usually there is a reason for collecting the cars, for example it may be a promising new driver's first year, the first or last year for a team, the fact it is a driver's best season, and so on. the next page details the cars I have.
Enjoy the site,

Ferrari F310

This year the world champion car will be produced by Mattel:
50213 Ferrari F1-2001 M Schumacher

Ferrari F1-2000

The site is still under construction.


Visit again soon, the site is updated regularly.

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